Wednesday 19 November 2014


I hobble onto the train and walk up through the park, with my crutches,( of course) and go to work, for the first time, since the operation.

Over the weekend I have been able to do a short amount of walking, without my crutches, but only indoors.

I deliberately have a very light day, with only four or five patients and I have gone in to work a bit later than normal.

My feeling is one of happiness, to be back to work and I am glad I have broken in lightly and for me it would have been harder to leave work for longer. I am pleased to be back and have found it a little easier than I expected.

My second day back at work ,is extremely tiring and I realise that I had been existing on adrenalin, by the end of the day, although it is a light one, I am shattered. If you can take three or four weeks off work, after an ACL, do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I struggle through the week, but I am helped massively by Alison Orchard, as I start my Physiotherapy with her, in earnest and she gets me through the week.   
The physio involves her helping to mobilise my knee cap and get me used to the scar being palpated and helping me achieve closed chain exercises, which basically means exercises, where you have your foot on the ground, as you are not meant to do any open chain exercises, where your foot is off the ground.

With the physio, I improve, achieving more flexion (bend) of the knee and extension (straightening) but I am still struggling with swelling. 


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