Tuesday 9 December 2014


I am gradually but steadily improving and feeling much happier about my knee.
During this time the bend (flexion) in my knee, is steadily improving and I am feeling far less general fatigue.

I gradually increase what i'm doing and join the gym and start to initially do cross trainer and light bike work, together with some upper body work and towards week eight, I bring in some work on the rower, which further improves my knee bend and progress the weight on the leg press, to around 40kg.

I am also gradually increasing the swimming, so in total, by the end of week ten I am trying to do four or five sessions a week. I am amazed that although I feel quite confident on the cross trainer and on the bike, I still feel miles away from being able to jog or kick, in any way.

When swimming, I am avoiding any kick motion and when doing breastroke I avoid the traditional way of moving my legs and draw my legs up towards my chest, but this is difficult, as my bend is limited. If I walk for any distance, my leg tires and I have to be conscious not to limp, but this steadily improves during this time and by the end of the phase, I can walk reasonably well for a few miles.

I start to cycle on a cycle lane, at about seven weeks and my Physiotherapy is slowly improving, with Alison 'putting me through my paces' and we work hard on balance, including single balance leg work. The most difficult thing, in terms of confidence,is stepping down, as I go downstairs and this is sometimes still painful around my knee cap.

I look forward to doing things, such as playing tennis or even just to have a gentle hit and I feel that this will soon be achievable, not playing but just having a gentle hit, as part of my rehabilitation, perhaps by mid-January! I am also thinking about mountain biking with my friends, which again I hope to achieve by the end of January.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!