Wednesday 19 November 2014


Rest is helped by terrific weather and the Ryder cup! but my nature still inclines me to try and do more than I probably should!

I manage to get carefully down onto Hove beach, with, I must say, some pretty expert usage of crutches, so all my teaching of how to use crutches, which I have dispensed to patients over the years, has come in handy!

I lie on the beach in the sun and as i’m dosing I hear a woman say to a man, ‘how did he get down on the beach’ and i’m not sure if it’s an accusation or a compliment!

The pain is lessening, although I am still having to take codein and paracetamol four times a day, and sometimes more at night.

My wife is having to do a lot of driving, to make up for my inability to drive and I am extremely grateful, for all the extra things which she is having to do. Never underestimate the effect that surgery or illness, have on those around you!

I am trying to walk as normally as possible, with the aid of the crutches and I am still using my ice compression unit, a few times a day. I also do my exercises three or four times a day,

Friends are great and I go out to a few cafes, with them, but I feel so tired and sleep a lot in the day, which seems less uncomfortable than my attempts to sleep at night, when I fidget and disturb my poor wife.

It is, however, now possible to spend a bit of time lying on my side, as I can now bend my knee about thirty degrees and this is a huge improvement. I tend to use a ‘neck’ pillow for this as the shape seems ideal.

The swelling is still bad but I understand that this varies between patients, but the pain in my shin, which was the worst, is lessening, especially when I first get up, after having it elevated.

It is getting easier to shower but I still feel very vulnerable about slipping over!

On the Wednesday I visit the nurse at my GP practice and she removes the dressings and checks the wound and on the Friday I visit Robin (the surgeon) and he is satisfied with the progress.

I am never bored and relish the time to catch up on some reading.

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