Thursday 27 February 2014

Chiropody and Podiatry at the Physio Therapy Centre, Haywards Heath

When your feet hurt you hurt all over.
Our Foot Specialist takes great pride in the quality of professional advice and treatment you receive. Our aim is to ensure total foot health for you and your family through preventative, routine and corrective treatments.
As well as offering traditional Chiropody care of nail and skin conditions we also offer specialised services to treat foot Pain including Heel/Arch/ Ball of Foot Problems, Arthritic/Diabetic Problems, Foot & Ankle Disorders and Sports Injuries.

We treat problem nails (including painful, ingrown, thick and discoloured nails), corns and callus, verruca pedis and plantar warts (by herbal, chemical and freezing therapy), cracked heels, athletes foot, blisters and sweaty feet. We also offer diabetic foot assessments and advice. In addition we offer vascular and neurological assessments of the feet in relation to medical complications when indicated. Advice and education will always be offered to prevent reoccurrence of any of the above problems.
We specialise in treating the following conditions by diagnosing the problem, identifying the cause and prescribing corrective treatments including special shoe inserts called orthotics and shoe recommendations: Heel spurs/ Plantar Fasciitis (pain on the sole of your heel often worse in the morning), Metatarsalgia (generalised pain in the ball of the foot), Morton’s Neuroma (nerve entrapment causing pain in the ball of the foot extending into the toes), Bursitis & capsulitis (inflammatory conditions where pain is felt in one or more of the metatarsal heads), sore ankles, Achilles tendonitis, heel bumps, shin splints, arthritic joint pain (pain in the toe joints when walking and or pain on the top of the foot), Bunion problems (where a swelling of the bone and stretching of the tendons occur on the big toe joint causing pain when wearing shoes and walking).
If you have heel/arch pain, corns and callus, inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis or bursitis, joint problems or a sporting injury Biomechanics is the key to discovering why you are suffering these symptoms. By examining the complex movements of your foot joints and the relationship between your pelvis, thigh, hip, knee and leg, abnormality and compensatory problems can be identified and appropriate treatment or referral can be initiated. Podiatry Treatment can include the use of prefabricated insoles or bespoke prescription foot supports as well as a stretching and strengthening regimen.
Orthotics – What are they? Also known as arch supports/ appliances etc they are fully custom made comfort devices made to your exact prescription that readily fit into regular shoes. State of the art, lightweight materials such as carbon graphite and thermoplastics may be used in their construction.
Orthotics – How do they help? They support weakened structures of the feet, deflect pressure from painful areas of the feet, re-align the feet and ankles. This therapy results in an improved posture – beneficial to so many leg and foot problems.

Orthotics – Are they for me? A biomechanical exam and gait analysis is always required before orthotic therapy is prescribed.


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