Saturday 30 November 2013

Pilates and its Benefits

The 6 benefits of Pilates

Pilates targets the muscles of the abdominals,back,hips,pelvis and shoulders and helps to make them strong yet flexible; balanced with good tone;  it helps to give them endurance and helps you cope with stress. Pilates focuses on precise body movements to target different parts of the body and it also helps you develop good breathing techniques, better posture with strength, balance and flexibility.


Through its tailored exercise programme Pilates can help use your own body weight to provide resistance and help increase strength


It can help your muscles to do more for longer as you work through using specific exercises


Tight muscles decrease mobility and can lead to tension and aches and pain. Flexibility is essential for overall fitness and Pilates allows you to achieve this. It will help to improve the mobility of joints and so help in long term maintenance of your body fitness


Pilates helps make you think about ideal posture which can take off unnecessary stress and strain on joints, ligaments and muscles and so help in the long term to prevent pain

Shape and tone

It can help to improve your muscles "resting tone", Muscles respond quickly to exercise so over time Pilates will help to increase the resting tone of your muscles so that they will feel firmer and look firmer.

Relief of tension

Exercise causes the release of hormones  that improve your  mood and help reduce other hormones that cause stress. Pilates helps with breathing techniques which can lead to enhanced feelings of calm and Pilates will help take you from feelings of stress and anxiety to ones of well-being

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