Thursday 21 November 2013

Get active as soon as you retire. Don't wait until tomorrow

Retirement may present a critical window for encouraging older adults to be more physically active new research has shown. 
People tend to spend more time being active and less time sitting after retirement. But the older they get, the more they slow down again
It has been found in new research that people at retirement spent about 7% of their time being active and walking around, compared to about 6% among employed people.
And retired participants spent 75% of the week sitting or lying down, compared to 78% for those still working.
One in five older adults met physical activity recommendations by being active for two and a half hours per week, in segments at least 10 minutes long. Retired and employed people were equally likely to meet the recommendations.
"Engaging with community or peer led activity groups (walking clubs, outdoor pursuits etc) would be one simple and effective example of adopting and maintaining any desire to become more active," researchers said.
Age Ageing 2013.

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