Sunday 27 October 2013

Barefoot running

Barefoot running is not a panacea for avoiding running injuries; we evolved to run barefooted but this does not make it best for everyone.
There are some theories as to why barefoot running may prevent injuries:
Humans evolved  to run barefoot so putting on shoes may alter the running form.
It may decrease the impact on certain parts of the leg and foot and increase foot strength.
The benefits remain unproven and injuries may be related to many factors including mechanics which vary with the individual. Just going barefoot may not alter the risks
There is a need for controlled prospective injury studies comparing shoes or no shoes and the need to understand how best to progress to barefoot running and gradual slow change with attention to posture and form will play their part. Start on a smooth hard surface. Run for about 100m and assess how you do. Progress from that

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From British Journal of Sports Medicine

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