Saturday 29 June 2013

Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it is the message from this study. The elder person who maintains a high level of aerobic fitness will live longer.

While age is associated with decrease in muscle mass, strength, endurance and aerobic fitness the elderly respond well to exercise and it could help in preventing age related problems.

A study looked at aerobic fitness in 2077 hypertensive men aged 70 or over. Overall mortality was 15% lower in those with moderate levels of aerobic fitness; 37% lower in higher levels of fitness. Many of us spend hours sitting through a day and this has a negative effect

American Soc of Hypertension(ASH) 2013 scientific sessions

Also there is a strong association between  mid-life fitness and later heart failure

Circulation:Heartfailure Berey et al 2013

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  1. Quite risk and quite enjoyment in aerobic.....also enjoyed with the steps of aerobic.